Anything worth gluing is worth gluing right.

When it comes to woodworking glues, professionals and hobbyists alike rely on Roo Glue for superior bonding.
Roo Glue products are environmentally sound, water-based adhesives specially formulated for woodworking applications.  Use Roo Glue for wood, moulding, plywood, furniture making, cabinetry and packaging.

High-Strength Wood Glue

High-Strength wood glue with outstanding heat resistance and fast setting speed. Comes in White or Yellow.

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Water-Resistant Wood Glue

Type II water-resistant wood glue. Comes in White or Yellow.

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Lamination & Multi-Substrate Glue

Perfect for bonding melamine, vinyl, PVC edge banding and decorative surfaces to porous substrates. Dries clear.

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As carpenter for Chemeketa Community College, I have, in my sixteen years here, used a wide variety of adhesive products. Because we have a mix of old and new structures and a wide variety of programs, we encounter an incredible range of materials and applications. It has proved to be very cost-effective, with economical coverage possible with a roller. I have experimented with RooClear® as well and continue to find new uses. It is great for on-site spot repairs of laminate, often saving time spent waiting for contact cement to dry. Clean up is, of course, much easier. It has great potential in cabinet-making for those situations where the structure involves “blind” joints inaccessible for screws or staples. This is especially useful in retrofits of shelves or partitions, where unsightly, space-consuming ledgers and glue blocks would be the conventional solution. RooClear is unique in its ability to laminate mirrored acrylic sheet without destroying the mirrored surface. I highly recommend your products on the basis of their economy, performance, and versatility.

- Howard Roe

It’s great. We glue MDF painted/unpainted surfaces together and it’s a great hold. Our supplier goes out of their way to make the customer happy and we are. Thank you.


- Woodit Inc.

I’ve been using RooClear® and like its consistency. It bonds well to melamine as well as particleboard. It does the job!

- Mike Hatley

I just started using RooClear® on my white melamine cabinets. Beats all I’ve ever seen!

- Tom Simms

This stuff is awesome. We do a lot of commercial work and we use Roo Glue for all phases of cabinet assembly, even on BHK drawers.

- David Franks

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