Emulsion Adhesive

WD-6565W is a self-crosslinking, clear drying polyvinyl acetate wood adhesive that is pre-catalyzed and formulated to be ready to use. It is ideal for high frequency, hot press and cold press applications. It has excellent viscosity stability, water and heat resistance and a very fast setting speed.

Key Features

  • Excellent viscosity stability,Fast setting speed,Pre-catalyzed and ready to use,Zero VOC
Polymer Type Emulsion Adhesive
Weight Solids 49%
Viscosity 4500 cps, #5/50 rpm
pH 2.9
Minimum Use Temperature 50°F
Weight per Gallon 9.10 lbs/gal
Storage Life 12 months at 70°F
Freeze Thaw Stability Passes 5 cycles