Roo 2801

Emulsion Adhesive

Roo 2801 is a two-part crosslinking wood adhesive specifically designed for use in millwork and furniture applications involving RF edge gluing and/or heat-set veneer laminating. Once properly catalyzed with C-100, C-100Y or C-237, Roo 2801 provides exceptional level of water resistance for an emulsion adhesive.

Key Features

  • Excellent water resistance,Fast cure speed in RF applications
Polymer Type Emulsion adhesive
Weight Solids 50%
Viscosity 3,000 cps, #5/50 rpm
pH 4.8
Minimum Use Temperature Catalyst C-100, C-100Y (5% by wt) 60°F Catalyst C-237 (5% by wt) 50°F
Weight per Gallon 9.10 lbs/gal
Storage Life 3 months at 70°F
Freeze Thaw Stability Do Not Freeze
Catalyzed Pot life Catalyst C-100 or C-100Y (5% by wt.) >48 hrs. at 70°F Catalyst C-237 (5% by wt.) 4 hrs. at 70°F

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