Curved Plywood

Roo Glue products have one goal in this space: hold the radius of your panels like a traditional chemically bonding adhesive without sacrificing cook or dwell times.  Ask us about testing these products in our well-equipped wood lab.

pH % Solids Density (lbs/gal) Minimum Temp (°F) Storage Life
Roo 6575 4,500 cps, #5/50 rpm 3.0 49% 9.10 lbs/gal 50°F 6 months at 70°F High water resistance; fast setting speed
Roo 6565 4500 cps, #5/50 rpm 2.8 50% 9.10 lbs/gal 50°F 6 months at 70°F Water resistant; fast setting speed

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