General Assembly & HPL to Particleboard

Versatility and good performance make these adhesives suitable for a wide variety of assembly applications. With higher resistance to heat than the traditional brand, use of these adhesives can extend the life of your sanding belts and cutting blades. For non-wood to wood bonding operations, Roo 4900 is recognized as a market leader because of its unique polymer formula that delivers unbeatable performance.

pH % Solids Density (lbs/gal) Minimum Temp (°F) Storage Life
Roo 4900 4,700 cps, #5/50 rpm 9.5 44% 8.70 lbs/gal 45°F 12 months at 70°F

Melamine overlay to particleboard

Roo 4906 5000 cps, #5/50 rpm 4.5 46% 9.0 lbs/gal 47°F 6 months at 70°F

Interior general assembly; fast setting; high heat resistance

Roo 4919 5,000 cps, #5/50 rpm 4.5 44% 9.00 lbs/gal 55°F 6 months at 70°F

Interior; fast setting; heat resistant

Roo 6565 4500 cps, #5/50 rpm 2.8 50% 9.10 lbs/gal 50°F 6 months at 70°F

Water resistant; fast setting speed

Roo 1003M 11,000 cps, #5/50 rpm 4.8 52% 9.10 lbs/gal Catalyst C-100, C-100Y (5% by wt) 40°F Catalyst C-237 (5% by wt) 35°F 3 months at 70°F

Exterior edge glued joints; high viscosity

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