Industrial Wood Adhesives

Utilizing the innovative polymer technology from our parent company, Specialty Polymers, we are able to manufacture a wide range of water-based wood adhesives. These adhesives are designed for wood, moulding, plywood, furniture and packaging markets.

In addition to adhesive products designed for industrial customers, we also manufacture a line of consumer adhesives under the Roo Glue® name. Our Roo Clear® product is widely known as one of the premier melamine adhesives on the market.

Edge Gluing (cold)

Roo adhesives for cold edge gluing applications are developed to be fast setting while still allowing maximum assembly time. Chalking temperatures can be customized based on environmental & processing conditions to meet your exact needs.

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Edge Gluing (RF)

Designed to be highly conductive for curing efficiency, Roo wood adhesive solutions are also known for their exceptional ability to tolerate high temperature and for good catalyzed pot life.

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Finger Jointing

Roo Glue develops adhesive polymers in-house, which allows us to customize each formulation to achieve maximum strength and very minimal back-off in finger joint applications.

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Curved Plywood

Roo Glue products have one goal in this space: hold the radius of your panels like a traditional chemically bonding adhesive without sacrificing cook or dwell times.  Ask us about testing these products in our well-equipped wood lab.

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Paper & Packaging

For paperboard and packaging applications the Roo sales and technical service team works closely with manufacturers to identify the best adhesive for the job. If needed, the chemists at Roo will develop a custom adhesive product that is best-suited to your equipment and processing requirements.

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General Assembly & HPL to Particleboard

Versatility and good performance make these adhesives suitable for a wide variety of assembly applications. With higher resistance to heat than the traditional brand, use of these adhesives can extend the life of your sanding belts and cutting blades. For non-wood to wood bonding operations, Roo 4900 is recognized as a market leader because of its unique polymer formula that delivers unbeatable performance.

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Whether it’s for reduced processing time, greater assembly time, or lower applied cost, Roo has a glue to meet the needs of window and door manufacturing operations of any size.

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Plywood & Engineered Flooring

No matter how you are curing your NAF panels, Roo Glue has you covered: longer assembly times, type I panels, and improved tack for layup processes.

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These catalysts are suitable for Roo 2-component adhesives. Typical usage is 5% by weight.

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