How do I clean up after using Roo Glue?

Roo Glue products are water-based. Uncured glue can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. To clean up dried glue, apply a small amount of denatured alcohol or paint thinner to a cloth and allow to sit for one minute. Then using a cloth soaked in warm soapy water, wipe the area clean. Steam may also be used to speed up the removal process.

What is the shelf life of Roo Glue?

Roo Glue is guaranteed for 6-months when stored properly . Store at temperatures between 50° and 80°F, and keep containers closed when not in use. Protect from freezing. Shake well before use.

Are Roo glues waterproof?

Roo Clear and Roo Super Bond are highly water resistant and can be used for exterior applications with indirect water contact. If used for exterior application, the finished product should be coated or painted to prevent direct water contact with the glue. Roo Wood is intended for interior use only.

Where else can I buy Roo Glue?

In addition to the online store, Roo Glue may be purchased from local retailers and distributors. Visit https://rooglue.com/distributors/to find a distributor in your state.



Can I bond melamine to melamine with Roo Clear?

Yes, Roo Clear can be used to bond melamine to melamine. Do not apply a continuous line of glue around the edge of the melamine. It’s important to use only small dabs, spaced about 6’’ apart, applied along the perimeter of one substrate, with small dabs in the middle spaced about 12-16’’ apart. Do not clamp. This allows a small but sufficient amount of air to be exposed to the glue, which cures by contact with air.

What is the ideal application for Roo Clear?

Roo Clear is an all-purpose adhesive intended for bonding any non-porous substrate to a porous substrate. It is recognized among professional and DIY woodworkers as the best performing adhesive for bonding melamine to wood, including engineered wood.

How long does it take for Roo Clear to dry?

Roo Clear will form a skin in about 20 minutes and will cure in four hours. It is machinable after 24 hours.

Does Roo Clear dry clear?

Yes! When spread thin, it will dry clear. With thicker application the glue dries with an opaque appearance.

How do you apply Roo Clear?

Roo Clear can be applied straight from the bottle, brushed or rolled on. Contact us with any additional questions about applying the glue.


Roo Wood®

How does Roo Wood compare with other wood glues on the market?

Roo Wood is an aliphatic PVA glue that excels in tack and cure time. It is ideal for interior applications where a longer open time and quick de-clamp period are desired. Bond strength is superior to name brand competition. It has excellent heat resistance and good sandability properties. Roo Wood is available in both yellow and clear drying formulas.

Does Roo Wood contain a black light/UV indicator?

Yes! Roo Wood does contain a UV indicator dye.

Can Roo Wood be custom colored?

Yes, please contact us.


Roo Super Bond®

Are there different versions of Roo Super Bond?

Yes! In addition to standard Roo Super Bond, there is a version with extended open time (Super Bond – EX) and a thicker version called Super Bond – HV. All have the same performance properties when dry.

Does Roo Super Bond contain a black light/UV indicator?

Yes! Roo Super Bond does contain a UV indicator dye.

Can Roo Super Bond be used where moisture or water are present?

Yes! Roo Super Bond is highly water resistant. It is NOT waterproof and should not be exposed to prolonged periods of contact with water. Do not submerge substrates bonded with Roo Super Bond in water.

Can Roo Super Bond be custom colored?

Yes, please contact us.

What is the open time for Roo Super Bond?

Open time for standard Roo Super Bond is approximately 4 – 8 minutes. De-cleamp time is approximately 35 – 45 minutes. Ambient temperature, surface temperature and moisture content will affect setting speed.

For Roo Super Bond – EX, the open time is approximately 8 – 12 minutes. De-clamp time is approximately 35 – 45 minutes. Ambient temperature, surface temperature and moisture content will affect setting speed.