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RooClear is the ideal product to bond a variety of materials and substrates. VOC-free and clear-drying, RooClear is easy to use and perfect for bonding difficult nonporous materials like melamine, vinyl, PVC edge banding and decorative surfaces to porous substrates. RooClear also works great on lacquer, UV coated, painted or other finished surfaces.



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Bonds a porous substrate to nonporous materials like melamine, vinyl, high-pressure laminates, PVC edge banding, metal, stone, tile, acrylics, wood veneer, paper, fabric and craft applications.

All surfaces must be clean and dry before using RooClear. For general assembly, first apply RooClear to a porous surface then join the two surfaces together. Assemble while the adhesive is still wet. Clamping, staples and/or screws are suggested to create a snug fit. Care should be used not to overclamp. Clean up excess wet glue with water. Clean up dry clue with denatured alcohol.


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